Topic: Data Literacy D1.1 – Qualitative and Quantitative Data

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Ontario Curriculum Expectation:

4.D1.1 describe the difference between qualitative and quantitative data, and describe situations where each would be used.


Qualitative Data

Data that uses words and characteristics, and cannot be expressed as a number. It is the quality of something and uses your five senses. Usually, the data is in the form of choices or favourites.

 Quantitative Data

Data that can be expressed using numbers, such as counting or measuring. It is the quantity of something. For example, it may include length, weight, or dollar amount.

•  What is your favourite flower?

•  What is your favourite book genre?

•  How do you get to school?

•  What is the height of the flower?

•  How many books did you read this month?

•  How long does it take you to get to school?