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Topic – Dad’s Birthday

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Dad’s Birthday

Mom took me into my bedroom to tell me a secret. “Liam, your dad’s birthday is on Sunday. This year, we’re going to have a surprise party for him,” she whispered. “We’ll have the party on Saturday to make sure he’s surprised. I’ve invited lots of people to come.”

I was excited about the surprise party! Last year on Dad’s birthday, we had a small party with just Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, and me. It wasn’t a surprise party, but it was fun. A big surprise party would be even more fun!

Mom showed me the present she got for dad. It was a red wool sweater. Last year he got a red sweater for his birthday and he loved it. But then it got put in the washing machine by mistake. The sweater shrank and was too small for him to wear.

Suddenly, I realized I didn’t have a present for Dad. Last year, I made him a card, but I wanted do something special for his surprise party. That’s when I had a great idea. Instead of a card, I would make him a little birthday book!

I stapled together five sheets of paper. On the cover, I wrote “Happy SURPRISE Birthday!” in big letters. On each of the other pages, I drew a picture of something Dad and I had done together in the last year. I drew the time we went fishing, the time we soaked each other with the hose, the time we went to a baseball game, and the time we made a snowman. I wrote a caption for each picture to tell what it was about.

The party was fun, and Dad was very surprised. I gave him his birthday book after he had opened his other presents. He was very quiet as he read it, and he spent time looking at each picture. When he got to the end, he wiped a tear from his eye. I was crushed! Dad didn’t like my present! Then he hugged me and said, “Thank you, Liam. I like your gift best of all. Sometimes grownups get a tear or two when they are very happy. Your birthday book makes me very, very happy!”

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