Topic – Cotton and Wool

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Cotton and Wool


Many clothes we wear are made from cotton. Jeans and t-shirts are often made of cotton. Did you know that cotton grows on cotton plants? Fluffy balls of cotton grow around the seeds of a cotton plant. Wind blows cotton balls off the plant. The wind pushes a cotton ball to a new place. Then, the seeds inside the cotton ball grows into new cotton plants.

Some farmers grow cotton plants. They pick the fluffy cotton balls and send them to a factory. The factory turns the cotton balls into cotton fabric. The fabric is used to make things such as clothes and towels.

Cotton clothes help people stay cool in hot weather. Hot weather can make people sweat. Cotton clothes absorb the sweat. The sweat goes into the cotton, and this helps keep a person’s skin dry.

Cotton clothes are easy to clean. When they get dirty, people can put cotton clothes into a washing machine.


Wool is also used to make clothes. Wool is made from sheep’s fur. Sheep farmers cut the fur off the sheep. It’s like giving a sheep a haircut. The fur can be made into fabric. The fur can also be made into yarn people knit with.

Wool fabric is good for keeping people warm. Blankets, sweaters, and mittens are often made from wool.

Most things made from wool cannot be washed in a washing machine. People wash them by hand or take them to a dry cleaner.

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