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Topic – Conserving Energy

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Conserving Energy

We use energy every day. We use it to make our lives comfortable and enjoyable. But we must remember that the supply of energy is not limitless. To keep our way of life, we need to use our energy resources wisely. By saving energy ourselves, we can also help others in the world have a good life. Conserving will also make sure people in the future have energy for their needs.

Electric and hybrid cars help reduce the amount of oil used.

New Technologies

Many new technologies have been developed that can help us save energy. Here are some examples:

  Electric and hybrid cars: These cars use less gasoline. They help reduce the amount of oil used.

  Plants as plastic: Plastic products can be made from plant materials. This will conserve oil, since most plastic is made from oil.

  Solar power plants to generate electricity: Solar energy will always be available. It is Earth’s most available energy source. Using solar energy will conserve other energy sources.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs

  Compact fluorescent light bulbs: These bulbs produce the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs, but they use less energy. So using compact fluorescent bulbs saves electricity.

In the Home

Appliances such as stoves are the main source of energy use in homes. Other examples are washers, furnaces, and water heaters. Two programs help people buy appliances and equipment that use less electricity.

  EnerGuide: This is a Canadian government requirement. All appliances and equipment must have a label that shows the amount of energy they use.

  Energy Star®: This is an international program. This label is put on appliances and equipment that are the most energy-efficient.

You Are Important

You can do many things to conserve energy. Think about all the things you do at home, at school, and everywhere else. How do you use energy? How could you reduce the energy you use? What help do you need from others to reduce energy use?

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