Lesson 22 – Clouds and Fog

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Read About Clouds and Fog


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

A cloud is a large amount of tiny water droplets that float in the sky together.

Drizzle is light rain made of small raindrops.

Fog is tiny water droplets that hover in the air.  Fog is like a cloud, but not high in the sky.

Rain is the liquid form of water that falls from the sky in drops.

Snowflakes are tiny pieces of ice crystals that form when water vapour in very cold air freezes. Snowflakes have six sides.

Superfog happens when smoke in the air mixes with fog.

Water is a clear liquid that has no taste or smell.

Clouds and Fog

What Are Clouds Made Of?

Tiny drops of water float in the air. Each drop is so tiny that you can’t see it. When the tiny drops stick to each other, you see a cloud.

How High Up Are Clouds?

You see different kinds of clouds in different places in the sky. Clouds that look like thin, white strips are usually high in the sky. Clouds that look like fluffy cotton balls are closer to the ground.

How Do Clouds Make Rain?

Sometimes in a cloud, lots and lots of tiny drops of water stick together. They make one big drop of water. When there are lots of big drops of water in a cloud, the drops fall to the ground as rain. If the air is very cold, the drops freeze into snowflakes.

Is Fog a Cloud?

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside a cloud? If you have walked through fog, you already know! That’s because fog is a kind of cloud. It is made of tiny drops of water that float in the air. Fog is a cloud that is so low it touches the ground.

Can Fog Make Rain?

Yes! Just like clouds, fog can make rain. Fog makes a kind of light rain called drizzle. Drizzle is made of small raindrops. When it is raining hard outside, the raindrops are much bigger than drizzle raindrops.

What Is Super Fog?

A large fire, such as a forest fire, can put lots of smoke in the air. When smoke in the air mixes with fog, super fog is made. Super fog is a very thick fog. In super fog, it is impossible to see what is around you. You can’t even see your hand when you hold it a little bit away from your face!

To learn more about clouds and fog, watch the videos by SciShow Kids on Youtube.

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