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Lesson 02 – Clean Air

Read About Clean Air


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


Air is a clear gas that living things need to stay alive.


Gas is a substance that behaves like the air around us. Gas does not have its own shape and takes the shape of any container it is put into.


Idling is when people let their car engine run while they are parked.


Pollution is when gases, smoke and chemicals get into the environment and make it harmful to living things.


Smog is a type of pollution that is smoke and fog combined.

Clean Air

It is important to have clean air to breathe.

Air that is not clean is polluted. Smog is air pollution. When there is smog, some people have trouble breathing. Pollution can make people sick.

Did you know that smog looks like smoke and fog?

Some people let their car engine run when they park. This is called idling. Idling releases gases that pollute the air. People can turn off their car engines to protect the air.

Gases from cars pollute the air. You can help keep the air clean by driving less.

To learn more about clean air, watch the video by It’s AumSum Time on Youtube.

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