Topic – Christmas

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December 25 is a special day for many people around the world. On this day, many people celebrate Christmas Day.

Christmas Decorations

People start decorating for Christmas when December comes. Many people put up a Christmas tree in their home. They hang coloured lights and shiny balls on the tree. Some people put coloured lights outside their home or in their windows.

Christmas Traditions

Before Christmas Day, people send Christmas cards to friends and relatives. The cards often say “Merry Christmas.”

People sing Christmas songs in December. One Christmas song many people know is called “Jingle Bells.”

People give each other gifts at Christmas. The gifts are wrapped in colourful paper. The gifts sit under the Christmas tree until Christmas morning. Then people open the gifts to see what is inside.

On Christmas Day, people eat a special meal called Christmas dinner. Turkey is a favourite food to eat at Christmas dinner. Many people invite friends and relatives to share their Christmas dinner.

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