Topic – Choosing Materials

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Choosing Materials

When people build structures, they need to choose the materials that will work best in the structure. Here are some things people think about when choosing materials.

Strength: A structure must be strong enough to hold its load. To build a strong structure, you need to use materials that are strong. Shape adds strength, too.

Flexibility: A flexible material can bend without breaking. Most diving boards are made of flexible materials. One end of the diving board bends down when the diver jumps on it. Then the diving board goes back to the shape it was in, and this pushes the diver up in the air.

Durability: A durable material is one that will last a long time. A building made of stone blocks will last much longer than a building made of wood. Stone is a more durable material than wood.

People also think about how easy it is to shape the material. Wet concrete and clay can be shaped by pouring them into a mould. Steel can be melted and poured into a mould. Wood can easily be cut into different shapes. Machines can cut stone into blocks. Making other shapes from stone is more difficult.

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