Lesson 08 – Changes in the Air

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Read About Weather


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

A furnace is a device used for heating.

The temperature is the measure of how hot or cold something is.

Water vapour is water in gas form. 

Weather is the way the air and the atmosphere feel. Types of weather include the outside temperature, strength of the wind, and whether it is raining, sunny, hailing, snowing, sleeting, foggy, or cloudy.

A weather report tells about the weather outside.

Changes in the Air

The air moving around us affects the weather. Weather is the day-to-day conditions outside where you live.

A weather report tells about the weather outside. The report tells if it is warm or cold. It tells how windy or cloudy it is. It also tells if the air is dry or wet.

What do we do when the weather changes?

When it is warm outside, we wear lighter clothes. We cool the air in our home using a fan or an air conditioner.

When it is cold outside, we wear warmer clothes. We heat the air in our home with a furnace or fireplace.

The temperature tells how warm or cold the air is. We can feel hot and cold air as the temperature changes.

To learn more about weather watch the video by SciShow Kids on Youtube

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