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Topic – Caffeine and Kids

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Caffeine and Kids

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine (say it like this: ca-feen) is something that you find in some drinks, such as coffee and tea. There is also caffeine in some cola drinks, iced tea, and energy drinks.

What Does Caffeine Do?

Caffeine makes you feel more awake. It can also give you a short burst of energy. Your heart beats faster when caffeine is in your body.

Why Can Caffeine Be a Problem for You?

Like many kids, you probably enjoy cola drinks. If you drink too much cola in a day, your body gets too much caffeine. What happens if you drink too much caffeine?

• You might feel nervous or worried, or be in a bad mood.

• You can get an upset stomach.

• You might get a headache.

• You can have problems concentrating.

• You might have trouble falling asleep at night.

Why Should You Stay Away From Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks usually contain the most caffeine. Some energy drinks have three times more caffeine than cola does. These drinks have far too much caffeine for kids.

Tips for Kids

1. Drink milk, water, or fruit juice. These contain no caffeine.

2. Ask your parents not to buy pop that contains caffeine.

3. Do not drink more than one can or glass of caffeine cola in a day. Make sure you do not drink it too close to bedtime.

Energy drinks can harm people’s bodies and damage their health, so it is best to avoid them. It is better to get your energy from good healthy food and drinks. That way,  you can have lots of energy to study, play, and grow without doing any harm to your body.

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