Lesson 10 – Building a Roof

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Read About Building a Roof


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

A frame is a structure made of parts that are joined together to support a larger object.

A load is the mass or weight supported by something.

Shingles are thin overlapping building materials to cover a roof or sides of a building.

A strut is a beam used to resist pressure.

A tie is what holds the bottom corners of each triangle of a frame in place.

Building a Roof

Most houses have a roof shaped like a triangle. A triangle is a strong shape that can hold a heavy load. Workers start making a roof by building a frame of wooden triangles.

The outside of the roof will be covered with large boards. The boards are then covered with shingles. The boards and shingles are heavy. The frame has to be strong enough to hold them up.

When weight pushes down on the struts (beams) of the roof, the corners of the roof are pushed out. A tie holds the bottom corners of each triangle in place. The tie makes the roof much stronger, so it will not collapse.

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