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Topic – Birthday Traditions

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Birthday Traditions

Your birthday comes on the day you were born. Many people have a special celebration on their birthday.

Different cultures have different birthday traditions. Read about how some children in Canada and the United States celebrate birthdays.

A Birthday Party

Friends and relatives come to a birthday party. Sometimes there are balloons. There might be other decorations, too.

Cards and Gifts

People bring cards and gifts for the birthday girl or boy. The gifts are wrapped in colourful paper. It is fun to open the gifts.

A Birthday Cake with Candles

People eat birthday cake at a birthday party. The top of the cake might say Happy Birthday! There are candles on top of the cake.

Two things happen before it is time to eat the cake. First, people sing a song called “Happy Birthday to You.” Then the birthday girl or boy blows out the candles on the cake. Now it is time to eat cake!

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