Topic – Be Active Every Day

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Be Active Every Day

People need to be active every day. You are active when you do things that make your body move.

Ways to Be Active

There are lots of ways to be active. Some people like to play sports. Some people like to play tag or skip with a skipping rope. Going for a walk is another way to be active. Everyone can find fun ways to be active. You help your body when you are active.

Helping Your Heart

Your heart pushes blood all through your body. You make your heart work hard when you are active. Your heart gets stronger when you are active every day.

Helping Your Lungs

Your body needs air. You breathe air into your lungs. Your lungs work hard when you are active. You breathe faster when you move quickly. Your lungs work better when you are active every day.

Helping Your Bones

Bones need to be strong. It is easy to break bones that are weak. You help keep your bones strong when you are active every day. You should do something active every day for your whole life. Then your bones will stay strong even when you get old.

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