Topic – Be a Good Sport!

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Be a Good Sport

Sports are more fun for everyone when the players show good sportsmanship. Here are some ways to show that you are a good sport.

Get involved. When your teacher, coach, or other kids ask you to get involved in an activity, do not grumble and moan. Show some enthusiasm and get involved.

  Be flexible. People often prefer to play a certain position on a team. For example, if you play hockey, you might prefer being the goalie. If you are asked to play a different position, do not hesitate to give it a try.

  Do not be picky about who you play with. In gym class, your teacher might divide the students into two teams. What if all your friends are on one team, but you get assigned to the other team? Being a good sport means following instructions and not complaining if you do not like the group you are assigned to.

  Support your teammates. Good sportsmanship is about more than just doing your best. It also means encouraging others on your team and celebrating their success when they do well. If a teammate does not do well, do not criticize. Instead, say something supportive like “Good effort!

  Be kind to the other team. Sports are a form of competition. It is easy to decide you do not like the people on the other team just because you are playing against them. Remember that you would not be able to play if you did not have opponents to play against. Do not fall into the trap of saying or doing nasty things to people on the other team.

  Control your temper. Getting angry at the referee, one of the players, or yourself will not help you or your team. Show respect for everyone involved in the game, and do not speak disrespectfully to anyone.

  Do not be a sore loser. Remember that playing sports is mostly about having fun. You can enjoy playing even if your team does not win. Show that you are a good sport by congratulating the other team when they win.   

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