Topic – Antarctica

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Antarctica is a continent at the bottom of the world. The South Pole is found in Antarctica.

An Icy Desert

A desert is a place where there is very little precipitation (rain and snow). There is almost no precipitation in Antarctica, so scientists call it a desert. Many deserts are hot places. Antarctica is very cold. Almost all the land in Antarctica is covered by a thick sheet of ice. Where there is no ice, the land is rocky.

A Home for Animals, But Not for People

No people live in Antarctica all the time. Every year, many scientists travel there to learn about the land and animals. They do not stay for long because Antarctica is a difficult place to live and work.

Many different types of penguins and seals live in Antarctica. One kind of penguin in Antarctica is called the emperor penguin. It is the world’s tallest penguin and can grow up to 1 m tall. Penguins and seals hunt for food in the ocean around Antarctica.

Plants in Antarctica

No trees or bushes grow in Antarctica. Moss grows in rocky areas. Some grasses grow in rocky areas, but these grow for only a short time when the weather is a little warmer.

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