Topic – Animals Hide

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Read about animals hiding, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Animals Hide

Some animals blend in with their surroundings. This adaptation is called camouflage. Animals use camouflage to hide from other animals. Here are some ways that animals use camouflage.

Colour: Some animals are the same colour as their surroundings. A snowy owl is white and lives where it snows. It blends in with the snow.

Pattern: Some animals have stripes, spots, or other patterns on their skin. The spots on a leopard help it hide in tall grasses. The stripes on a zebra make it difficult to see one zebra in a herd.

Mimicry: Some animals look like something else. A walking stick is an insect that looks like a twig. The leaf katydid is an insect that looks like a leaf.

Some animals use colour and patterns to look like an animal that is dangerous. This is called mimicry.

The Viceroy butterfly looks like a Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly is poisonous. Animals leave both butterflies alone!

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