Topic – Animals Can Harm Us

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Read the Following Selection

Read about how animals can harm us, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Animals Can Harm Us

Read about how animals can harm people.

Injuries: Some animals are dangerous. They can bite, scratch, or claw people.

It is important to be safe around dogs and prevent bites.

Diseases: Ticks and mosquitoes can spread diseases that make people sick.

Allergies: Some people sneeze and have trouble breathing when they are near certain animals. They have an allergy to the animal. Insect bites and bee stings can cause a rash or itching.

Some people are allergic to cats.

Pests: Some animals harm crops. Deer eat plants in gardens. Birds eat fruit such as berries. Insects such as beetles and grasshoppers eat grains. Termites and ants eat wood in our homes.

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