Lesson 11 – Animals Are Built to Live

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Read About Animal Adaptations


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

An adaptation is something that helps an animal survive including changes in looks or behaviour.

Animals Are Built to Live

Animals have to do many things to live. They have to find food and water. Animals have to be able to move. They have to build homes. They also must keep safe.

Animals have special features to help them survive. These features are called adaptations.

Body Adaptations

Some animals have special body parts.

Here are some body adaptations:

Frogs use their long, sticky tongues to catch flies.

Ducks have webbed feet that help them swim.

Insects use their wings to fly.

Crabs have sharp claws to catch food.

Whales use flippers to help turn and steer in the water.

Cats use their whiskers to feel what is nearby.

This helps cats find their way in the dark.

To learn more about animal adaptations, watch the video by Peekaboo Kidz on Youtube.

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