Topic – Animals Adapt to the Seasons

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Read the Following Selection

Read about animals adapting to seasons, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Animals Adapt to the Seasons

Some animals adapt to changes in the seasons.

Colour Changes

Some animals change the colour of their coats to match the season. In the summer, the Arctic fox sheds its white coat for a brown coat.

The Arctic hare has a brown coat in the spring and summer. Its coat blends in with the surroundings. In the fall and winter, the hare has a white coat to blend in with the snow.


Many birds such as Canada geese fly to warmer places for the winter. This is called migration.

Some animals such as caribou migrate in large herds to warmer places.


Some animals hibernate, or sleep, during the winter. Animals hibernate in different ways. Bears sleep most of the winter without waking up.

In winter, a squirrel sleeps for a few days at a time. It wakes up to eat some food. Then it goes back to sleep.

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