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Topic – Ambulances and Firetrucks

Read and Learn About Ambulances and Firetrucks
Read about ambulances and firetrucks, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Ambulances and Firetrucks

A vehicle is a machine people use to go places. Cars, trucks, and buses are examples of vehicles. Ambulances and fire trucks are examples of emergency vehicles. These vehicles go to places where people need help right away!

Flashing Lights and Sirens

Ambulances and fire trucks need to drive fast. That’s why they have flashing lights and very loud sirens. When drivers on the road hear the siren and see the flashing light, they move their cars to the side of the road and stop. Emergency vehicles can drive faster when there are no cars in front of them.

Trained Workers

Workers who ride in ambulances and on fire trucks have had lots of training. Firefighters have learned the best ways to put out fires and how to rescue people from a burning building. Injured people who are rescued may need some medical help before they go to a hospital. A firefighter is also an EMT, which stands for “emergency medical technician” (say it like this: tek-ni-shun). EMTs are not doctors or nurses, but they have learned how to help people with certain medical problems.

Workers in an ambulance also are not doctors or nurses. They are paramedics. Like EMTs, paramedics are trained on how to help people with medical problems before they get to a hospital. Paramedics have more medical training than EMTs.


Ambulances and fire trucks carry equipment to help in emergencies. Ambulances carry medical equipment and medicines. They also have stretchers on wheels. A stretcher carries a sick or injured person to and from the ambulance. Fire trucks carry hoses and ladders to help them put out fires. They also carry tanks of oxygen. Firefighters can breathe the oxygen from these tanks so they don’t breathe the smoky air in a fire. They put on a mask that has a tube attached to the air tank.


Step 6: Now, show what you know!

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Brain Stretch: What number do you call in your area for emergency assistance?