Topic – All About Media Forms

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All About Media Forms

Media All Around Us

We see and hear media every day. The things we see on television are media. Books are media. Signs we see in the community are media. Songs we hear on the radio are media. There are many different types of media. We can put media into groups called media forms.

Media Forms on Television

There are many different types of shows on television. Here are some of the different types:

• Cartoons   • News shows   • Game shows

Cartoons, news shows, and game shows are all different media forms.

Most television shows have commercials. Commercials are another media form we see on television. Commercials are very short.

Media Forms in Books

There are many different types of books. Here are some of the different types:

• Picture books   • Colouring books   • Dictionaries

These different types of books are all different media forms.

Other Media Forms

Around the community we see signs. Signs are one type of media form. Some signs, such as stop signs, do not have words but give us information about what to do. Other signs, such as traffic signs and billboards, have words. Maps are a type of media form that tells us where places are located.

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