Topic – All About Birds

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All About Birds

There are many different types of birds. A robin, an ostrich, and a penguin are all birds. How are all birds the same?

1. All birds have feathers. Feathers help birds stay dry and warm. Feathers also help birds fly.

2. All birds have wings. The wings are covered with feathers. Most birds use their wings to fly. Not all birds can fly. A penguin and an ostrich have wings, but these birds cannot fly.

3. All birds lay eggs. Birds sit on their eggs to keep them warm. A baby bird grows inside each egg. If an egg gets cold, the baby bird growing inside the egg might die.

4. All birds have ear holes, but no ears. You cannot see the ear holes because they are covered with feathers.

5. All birds are warm-blooded. A bird’s body makes its own heat. Feathers help keep the heat inside the bird’s body.

6. All birds have two legs. You will never see a bird that has more than two legs.

7. No birds have teeth. Birds have hard beaks that they use to eat.

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