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Topic – Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor. His most famous invention is the telephone.

Early Life

Alexander was born in Scotland in 1847. As a young boy, he loved doing experiments to learn new things. He made his first invention when he was 12 years old. It was a machine that helped turn wheat into flour.

Leaving Scotland

Alexander and his parents moved to Canada in 1870. They bought a farm near Brantford, Ontario. Alexander set up a workshop where he could make inventions. He called the workshop his dreaming place.

Alexander did many experiments with electricity and sound. Then he got a job as a teacher in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. Alexander taught deaf children how to speak. He still had time to work on inventions.

Inventing the Telephone

Alexander wanted to invent a machine that could send voices through a wire. Then someone could talk with a person who was far away. Alexander worked very hard and finally invented the telephone.

After the Telephone

Alexander returned to Canada. He did many more experiments and made more inventions. He liked doing experiments with kites to learn how things fly.

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