Topic – Air and Water in Soil

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Air and Water in Soil

Plant roots need to get air and water from soil. Where can you find air and water in soil? Remember that soil is made up of particles.

The Spaces Between Particles

Imagine you have one clear plastic cup filled with stones. Another cup is filled with sand. You can see spaces between the stones in the cup. Think of the stones as large particles. Large particles do not fit closely together. There are large spaces between the particles.

Sand particles are much smaller than stones. Small particles fit closely together.
They leave only tiny spaces between particles. The particles of sand are so close together that you cannot see the tiny spaces between the particles.

The spaces between large particles are larger than the spaces between small particles.

In soil, you can find air and water in the spaces between particles.

Soil Particles

Remember that sand, silt, and clay particles are all different sizes. Sand particles are larger than silt particles. The spaces between sand particles are larger than the spaces between silt particles.

When there are larger spaces between particles, more air and water can fill the spaces.

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