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Topic – A Trip to the Zoo

Read the Following Selection

Read A Trip to the Zoo, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

A Trip to the Zoo

Mom said, “Katie, I have a surprise for you. Today we will go to the zoo.”

Katie clapped her hands and jumped up and down. “I want to see the monkeys first,” she said. “I like to watch them play with each other. Then maybe we can go see the lions and tigers and elephants.”

Mom looked out the window. “We might need our umbrellas. Katie, can you please put our umbrellas by the door so we don’t forget them?”

Katie ran to get the umbrellas. “Mom,” she called. “We don’t have to see the snakes, do we?”

“No,” answered Mom. “We can skip seeing the snakes if you like.”

“Okay, good!” said Katie. “We are going to have a fun day!”

Now, show what you know!

Complete some questions about the reading selection by clicking “Begin Questions” below.

Brain Stretch: Choose your favourite animal. Talk about some of the characteristics of this animal (e.g., a lion has four legs, a tail, and fur; a lion can roar and run fast), perhaps after viewing some Internet photos and/or videos of the animal.