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Topic – A Trip to a Farm

Read the Following Selection

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A Trip to a Farm

Lily and Sandro wrote about their class trip to a farm.

Our Class Trip—by Lily

We went to a farm. We saw lots of animals. We saw chickens and sheep and cows.

We saw pigs. There were little baby pigs. They were cute. They have pink noses. Pigs have flat noses.

We saw corn growing. The corn was not very tall. The corn has to grow tall. Then it grows the part you can eat.

Chicks are baby chickens. The chicks are yellow and fluffy. I got to hold a chick. That was the best part of the trip.

Our Trip to a Farm—by Sandro

We went on a trip to a farm. Mr. Crane is the farmer.

The farm has different animals. We fed the pigs. We saw Mr. Crane milk a cow. We saw sheep, too.

The farm has chickens. The chickens lay eggs. Baby chicks come out of the eggs.

Mr. Crane has a tractor. It has big wheels and small wheels.

Mr. Crane let me sit on the tractor. That was the most fun of all.

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