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Lesson 06 – A Snowy Day

Read the Story “A Snowy Day”


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


A force is a push or pull on an object that makes it move.


Friction is a force created when things rub against each other.

A Snowy Day

As you read the following story, think about the types of forces in it.

It was Saturday morning. Kim sat at the kitchen table. She ate breakfast with her mom and her little brother, Ryan.

Mom poured milk on Ryan’s cereal. “We are almost out of milk,” Mom said. “Kim, would you please write milk on the shopping list?”

Kim pulled the shopping list from under the magnet on the fridge door. She wrote milk, then put the list back under the magnet. Mom asked, “Kim, did you look outside?”

Kim looked out the window. Big, fat snowflakes were falling from the sky. She pulled the drapes open wider. “It is snowing!” shouted Kim. “It is the first snowy day of winter.”

Kim jumped up and slid on the tile floor in her sock feet. She pretended she was skating. “I want to go skating,” she said.

Ryan tried to slide on the floor, too. “I cannot slide,” he said.

“Ryan, you are wearing running shoes,” said Kim. “Running shoes have rough soles. You cannot slide in running shoes.”

Ryan looked sad. “I want to slide, too!” he said.

Mom said, “I will take you both tobogganing today. Then you can slide down hills.”

Kim and Ryan shouted, “Hurray! We are going tobogganing!”

Mom picked up Ryan and put him back in his chair. She pushed his bowl of cereal toward him. “We should hurry and finish our breakfast,” said Mom. “I want to go tobogganing, too!”

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