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Topic – A Gift from Wali Dad

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A Gift From Wali Dad

A Traditional Tale From India

There was once a man named Wali Dad, who made his living as a carpenter. Wali Dad was happy living a very simple life, buying only the few things he needed. The rest of his money he put in a jar.

One day, Wali Dad noticed that the jar was full of coins. “I have nothing else to put money in,” thought Wali Dad. “I must empty the jar.” He took the jar to a jeweller and said, “Count this money, then sell me a bracelet worth the same amount.” The jeweller sold Wali Dad a small gold bracelet. Wali Dad was pleased, but he had no idea what to do with the bracelet.

As he was going home, Wali Dad saw a merchant leading a camel loaded up with goods. “Where are you going?” asked Wali Dad.

“I am going to the palace,” said the merchant. “I am delivering new clothes to the princess.”

Wali Dad handed the merchant the bracelet. “Please give this to the princess,” he said. “Tell her it is a gift from Wali Dad.”

The princess thought the bracelet was a lovely gift. To thank him, she sent Wali Dad a camel loaded with fine silk.

The next day, Wali Dad saw the merchant standing outside his door. “I have brought you fine silk from the princess,” said the merchant.

“Oh dear,” said Wali Dad as he looked at the large load of silk. “I have no need of fine silk, and nowhere to put it in my tiny house. What will I do?”

“Send it to the sultan,” said the merchant. “It is never a bad idea to send a gift to such a powerful person.”

Wali Dad agreed. The merchant took the silk to the sultan, who was so pleased that in return he sent Wali Dad four strong horses. Wali Dad had no place to keep the horses, so he sent them to the princess.

“I do not know this person called Wali Dad,” the princess said to her mother. “Why does he send me gifts?”

“He is trying to impress you with his wealth,” said her mother. “This Wali Dad is too proud. Send him a gift that will show him how much wealthier you are. Perhaps then he will not be so proud.”

The princess sent Wali Dad five camels loaded with silver. “This is much worse than a jar that is too full of coins!” moaned Wali Dad. He sent the silver to the sultan.

The sultan was certain that Wali Dad was trying to impress him by showing off his wealth. “I will send him six chests full of jewels. When he sees how wealthy I am, perhaps he will not be so proud.”

When Wali Dad received the jewels, he sent them to the princess. “I must meet this man who sends me so many fine gifts,” thought the princess. Accompanied by her maid, she set off to meet Wali Dad.

Just as she arrived at Wali Dad’s house, the sultan appeared. He, too, had come to meet the man who sent such fine gifts. The princess and the sultan fell in love at first sight. Before long, they were married.

The sultan and the princess wanted to thank Wali Dad for bringing them together. They sent Wali Dad a very generous gift.

Wali Dad was just stepping out his door to go to work. He saw a man leading a horse pulling a cart. On the cart was a large chest. “This is your lucky day,” the man told Wali Dad. “The sultan and his new wife have sent you this chest full of gold!”

“Oh, my!” said Wali Dad. “Could you just wait here a moment, please?” Wali Dad went into his house and ran out the back door. He was never seen again.

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