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Topic – A Garden on the Roof

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A Garden on the Roof

Not all gardens grow in the ground. Today, you can find gardens on the roofs of many large buildings in cities. Even some homes with flat roofs have roof gardens. Why do people grow roof gardens?

Making Cities More Beautiful

Flowers, grasses, green plants, and even small trees and bushes can grow in a roof garden. Plants are much nicer to look at than a boring, flat roof. You can find gardens on the roofs of many different city buildings.

Creating a Home for Wildlife

A roof garden can be a home for many different types of insects. Butterflies and dragonflies are two insects that can be seen in roof gardens. Some birds build their nests in a roof garden. The sound of birds singing is nice to hear in a busy city.

Helping to Clean the Air

Plants help to remove pollution from the air. In some cities, there is lots of air pollution! A roof garden can help to clean the air.

Saving Energy

Heating a building in winter takes lots of energy. A roof garden helps to keep out the winter cold, so it saves on energy used for heating. In summer, air conditioning can use up lots of energy. Roof gardens help to keep the sun from making the inside of a building too warm. Less air conditioning is needed, so energy is saved.

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