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Topic – A Day at the Beach

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A Day at the Beach

Marco and his parents were sitting on a big blanket at the beach. It was a sunny and windy day. The wind made big waves in the lake. There were lots of people at the beach. Everybody was talking and laughing.

Suddenly, a woman started shouting. Everybody on the beach got quiet so they could hear what she was saying.

“Blackie, where are you?” the woman shouted. “Has anybody seen a furry black dog?” The woman walked down the beach calling, “Blackie! Blackie!”

Marco looked over at the lake. He saw a black dog swimming to the shore. He wondered if the dog was Blackie. When the dog came out of the water, Marco called, “Blackie! Come here, Blackie!”

The dog ran over to Marcus and onto his family’s blanket. “You must be Blackie,” said Marco. The dog wagged its tail and then shook the water out of its fur. Marco and his parents got all wet!

Marco’s dad saw Blackie’s owner coming back. He waved at the woman and pointed to the dog. She rushed over. “You found my dog!” she said.

“I didn’t find your dog,” said Dad. “My son did.”

“I’m so thankful you found him,” the woman said to Marco. She gave Marco a big hug. Just then, Blackie saw a bird and ran off down the beach to chase it. The woman raced after Blackie, shouting, “You naughty dog, Blackie! Come back here!”

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