Topic – A Birthday in Mexico

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A Birthday in Mexico

Pablo lives in Mexico. Read about Pablo’s birthday party.

A Sombrero Cake

Pablo’s birthday cake is a sombrero cake. A sombrero is a Mexican hat. Pablo’s cake is shaped like a sombrero. A sombrero birthday cake is a tradition in Mexico.

In Mexico, the birthday boy or girl takes the first bite of cake. There is a special way to do it.

Pablo holds his hands behind his back. He takes a bite out of the whole cake. He does not use a fork or spoon. He bites right into the cake with his mouth. Pablo looks funny with cake all over his face.

A Piñata

The best part of Pablo’s birthday party is the piñata (say it like this: pin-yah-tah). The piñata is a tradition at birthday parties in Mexico.

Sometimes the piñata looks like an animal. The piñata hangs from the ceiling. Children take turns trying to break the piñata with a long stick. The children wear a blindfold so they cannot see.

Pablo hits the piñata and breaks it. Candies and small toys for all the children come out of the piñata.

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