Topic – In the Night Sky

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In the Night Sky

There are many interesting things to see in the night sky! On clear nights, you can see the stars and the Moon. You might even see a shooting star!


Stars are like burning balls. They make light because they are burning. Stars are also very, very hot. They are even hotter than fire!

Our Sun is a star. Why does the Sun look so much bigger than other stars? Things that are closer to us look bigger. The sun is much closer to Earth than other stars. The other stars are so far away that it would take a spaceship thousands of years to reach them. A spaceship could reach the Sun in much less time, but spaceships will never land on the Sun.

The Moon

The Moon is the biggest thing we see in the night sky. The Moon shines, but it does not make its own light. We see light from the Sun bouncing off the Moon. The Sun is always burning and making light. We don’t see the Sun at night because Earth spins. At night, our spot on Earth is pointed away from the Sun, but sunlight can still reach the Moon.

Moving Across the Sky

If you stayed up late and watched the night sky for a long time, you would see that the Moon and stars seem to move slowly across the sky. But the Moon and stars are not really moving through space. They look like they are moving because Earth is moving. Earth is always spinning. If you spin, it looks like the room is moving around you—but the room is still and only you are moving.

Shooting Stars

Shooting stars are sometimes called falling stars. They look like stars that are moving much faster than the other stars. But shooting stars are not really stars. They are burning pieces of rock called meteorites. Most of them burn up before they hit Earth’s surface.

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