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Topic – Being Shy

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Being Shy

What does it mean to be shy? Read some facts about being shy.

• Shy people do not feel comfortable around people they do not know well.

• It is not easy for shy people to make new friends. Being around lots of people can also be hard for them. Shy people feel more comfortable when they are by themselves or with one or two people they know well.

• Shy people are often quiet people. It is hard for them to talk to people they don’t know well. It might also be hard for them to talk in front of lots of people.

• Both adults and children can be shy. Many shy children become less shy as they grow up.

• Sometimes, people think shy people are not friendly because they don’t talk much to others. Most shy people are friendly people, but it is not easy for them to show they are friendly. Shy people like having friends just as much as other people do.

• People don’t choose to be shy. It’s just the way they are. Many shy people wish they were not shy. No one is sure why some people are shy.

• There is nothing wrong about being shy. People are different. Some people are shy, and some are not. Some people are very shy, and some people are just a little bit shy.

• A person who is not usually shy can feel shy sometimes. Most children would feel shy if the teacher asked them to sing a song by themselves in front of the class.

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