Topic – Old and New TV’s

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Old and New TV’s

Stores started selling TVs about 100 years ago. The first TVs were very different from the TVs we watch today. But all TVs do the same things—they show pictures on a screen, and they play sounds.

Old TVs

Old TV screens could show only three colours—black, white, and grey. Have you seen an old back-and-white photo? That’s what the pictures on old TVs looked like. The first TVs had very small screens.

Old TVs were shaped like big, thick boxes. Some of these TVs had a radio, too.

Old TVs did not come with a remote control. People used knobs on the TV to turn it on, change the channel, and make the sound louder or softer.

About 60 years ago, stores started selling TVs that showed all the colours. By that time, TVs had larger screens.

New TVs

The TVs we have today are called flat-screen TVs. These TVs are not shaped like thick boxes. New TVs are thin enough to hang on a wall.

New TVs have bigger screens than old TVs. Some new TVs have huge screens! You can sit far from the TV and still see everything clearly.

New TVs come with a remote control. People don’t have to get out of their chairs to change the channel or turn up the sound.

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