Topic – Laughing and Crying

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Laughing and Crying

Everybody laughs and cries sometimes. People cry when they feel very sad. Their eyes make tears. When something is very funny and makes people laugh hard, their eyes may also make tears. That’s why people sometimes say, “I laughed so hard that I cried.” There are even times when being very angry or very happy makes people cry tears.

Scientists study laughing and crying to learn more about them. Below are some of the things scientists have learned.

• Laughing and crying can be hard to control. There are times when people try to stop themselves from laughing or crying, but they just can’t.

• People laugh more when they are not alone. When children watch a funny cartoon together, they laugh more than if they had watched the same cartoon alone. People cry more often when they are alone than when they are with others.

• Both laughing and crying can help put people in a better mood. People feel better after laughing than before laughing. Crying often helps people feel less sad or upset than they did before they cried.

• Laughing and crying both help people connect with others. When two people who don’t know each other laugh together, it creates a friendly feeling between them. When people see someone crying, they often connect with the person by asking what is wrong and trying to find ways to make the person feel better.

• People sometimes cry when they feel pain. Scientists have discovered that crying can make the pain hurt less.

• Laughing and crying can both be good for our health.

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