Topic – Making Ice Cream

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Making Ice Cream

To: Latoya Robertson

Subject: Guess what we did today!

Hi Latoya,

Today, Dad and I did something really fun. We made ice cream in a bag!

First, we put some cream in small plastic bag. You have to use a plastic bag that has strips at the top that will keep the bag tightly closed.

Next, we put in some vanilla and sugar. I pressed together the strips at the top of the bag to close it. Dad checked to make sure the top was tightly closed. He said that if the top of the bag wasn’t completely closed, we’d make a mess instead of making ice cream.

Then, we got a bigger plastic bag that closes at the top. I put some ice and salt into the big bag. Then, Dad put the small bag with the cream into the big bag. He put a little more ice on top of the small bag. Next, I sealed the big bag by pressing together the strips at the top.

Here’s the fun part. I put on mittens and Dad put on gloves. We took turns shaking the big bag to mix up the cream, vanilla, and sugar in the small bag. We had to take turns because you have to shake the bag for a long time. It made my arms tired, but we had fun shaking.

The next thing we did was take the small bag out of the big bag. The cream had turned into ice cream! Before we opened the small bag, we rinsed off all the salt on the outside. Dad said the ice cream wouldn’t taste good if any salt got in it. Then, I stirred the ice cream a little and had a taste. Yummy!

Maybe you can come over sometime and we’ll make ice cream together!

Your friend,


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Brain Stretch: Try making ice cream in a bag. Find an internet recipe for more specific instructions, including amounts for each ingredient.