Topic – Wind

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Wind is air that is moving. You can’t see wind, but you can see what wind does. It makes kites fly and makes waves in water. Strong wind can make an umbrella turn inside out.

How Wind Helps

Wind makes a sailboat move. The wind pushes against the boat’s sails and makes the boat move across the water. Wind helps us make electricity. Huge windmills called wind turbines have long blades. When wind blows, it makes the blades turn. When the blades turn, a machine inside the wind turbine makes electricity we can use in our homes.

Wind helps new plants grow. Wind can blow seeds off plants and take the seeds to new places. The seeds land on the ground and grow into plants. Have you ever blown the seeds off a dandelion? Wind does that, too!

Problems from Wind

Strong wind can cause problems. A strong wind can blow big branches off trees. A big falling branch could hurt someone. Sometimes wind is so strong that it blows a whole tree right over!

Strong wind can cause floods near lakes and oceans. A strong wind can push lots of water onto the land. Water covers streets and people’s yards. It can take many days for the water to go away.

Winter wind can blow snow around. Blowing snow can make it hard for drivers to see. On a cold winter day, wind will make you feel even colder when you are outside.

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