Topic – Email and Snail Mail

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Email and Snail Mail

Email and snail mail are two ways to send written messages to people.


You can use a computer or cellphone to send someone a message by email. First, you put in your friend’s email address and type the message. Next, you press or click on the “Send” button. In a minute or two, the message gets to the computer or phone of the person you sent the email to. Sending an email anywhere in the world is fast—and it’s also free!

Snail Mail

Snail mail is a name some people use for post office mail. To send someone a message by snail mail, you write them a letter on paper. Then you put the letter in an envelope. On the envelope, you write the name and street address of the person the letter is for. You also need to put a stamp on the envelope. Stamps cost money, so sending a letter by snail mail is not free.

Next, you have to mail the letter. To do that, you take it to a big mailbox on a street and drop it inside. Trucks from the post office pick up all the letters and take them back to the post office. The post office uses trucks and planes to take letters to the cities where they are going. Then, a mail carrier delivers your letter to the mailbox of the person your letter is for.

How long does it take for snail mail to get where it is going? It depends how far the letter is going. A letter going to someone who lives in your city might take three or four days. A letter going to someone in a faraway country might take more than a week!

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