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Topic – Food Banks

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Food Banks

People buy food for their families in grocery stores. Sometimes, people do not have enough money to buy all the food their families need. What can they do? They can go to a food bank and get some food that is free.

What Are Food Banks?

In some ways, food banks are like grocery stores. They both have many different kinds of foods. Workers in both places are busy putting more food on shelves.

People who work in grocery stores are paid money for doing their jobs. Many people who work in food banks are volunteers. Volunteers do not get paid for working. They are happy to work for no money. They like to help people in their community who need food.

How Do Food Banks Work?

People do not choose the food they want at a food bank. Volunteers put food into boxes. Then, they give the boxes to people who come to the food bank because they need food. Volunteers put different kinds of food into each box. For example, there might be meat, bread, pasta, and soup in a box. Volunteers also put in fruits and vegetables.

Where Do Food Banks Get Food?

Some people buy extra food at a grocery store and give some to a food bank. Grocery stores and restaurants give food to food banks. People also give money to food banks. This money is used to buy more food.

Why do people give food and money to food banks? They want to help people in their community. They want to show they care about others.

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