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Topic – Doing the Laundry

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Doing the Laundry

How do people make dirty clothes clean again? They use a washer and a dryer. Washing dirty clothes is also called “doing the laundry.”

Washing Machines

Clothes go into part of a washing machine called the drum. People add some special soap for clothes. This soap is also called detergent.

When the washing machine is turned on, water goes into the drum. The drum starts to spin in a circle. The soap and water make the dirt come out of the clothes.

Next, the soapy water goes out of the drum, and clean water goes into the drum. The drum spins again so the clean water can get all the soap out of the clothes. After the water drains away, the drum spins really fast. The clothes in the washer spin, too. Making clothes spin fast pulls most of the water out of them. Then, the clothes are ready for the dryer. They are still wet, but they do not drip water.


The place in a dryer where clothes go is also called a drum. When the dryer is turned on, warm air goes into the drum. Warm air dries the clothes.

The drum spins in a circle as the clothes get dry. Spinning helps make sure all the clothes get dry. Spinning also helps keep clothes from getting wrinkles.

As clothes dry, tiny pieces of fabric come off them. These tiny pieces are called lint. Dryers have a lint trap that catches the lint. It is important to clean the lint out of the lint trap after using the dryer.

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