Topic – Salt and Pepper

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Salt and Pepper

Did you ever wonder where salt and pepper come from?


Miners dig salt from under the ground, but some salt comes from ocean water. Ocean water is salty. People put some ocean water in shallow ponds. Soon the water evaporates, or dries up. The salt that was in the water is left at the bottom of the pond. Most salt is white, but salt can also be pink or light gray.

Some people like the taste of salt in their food. Your body needs a little salt, but eating lots of salt all the time is not healthy. People also use salt to keep food from going bad. For example, pickles come in a liquid called brine. Brine is water mixed with salt. The salt in brine make pickles last a long time before they go bad.


Most pepper is black, but pepper can also be white, green, red, or pink. Pepper comes from a plant that grows tiny fruit called peppercorns. The peppercorns are picked and left to dry out. Then, the peppercorns are ground up to make pepper. Some people buy peppercorns instead of pepper at a store. They use a pepper grinder at home to turn the peppercorns into pepper. A pepper grinder is sometimes called a pepper mill.

Sometimes people sneeze after they put pepper on their food. When peppercorns are ground up, they turn into tiny flakes of pepper. Some of the flakes are so light and tiny that they float in the air. If you breathe some of these flakes into your nose—achoo!

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