Topic – Lots of Brushes

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Lots of Brushes

A brush has lots of long, thin pieces called bristles. The bristles in a brush can be stiff or soft. Stiff bristles do not bend easily. Soft bristles are easy to bend. In most homes, there are many different kinds of brushes.

Toothbrushes: A toothbrush is a small brush with bristles made of plastic. Most toothbrushes have soft bristles. Stiff bristles could hurt your gums. A toothbrush and toothpaste work together to clean your teeth.

Paintbrushes: Paintbrushes have soft bristles. Soft bristles are better for spreading paint on walls and furniture. Paintbrushes come in different sizes. Narrow paint brushes are good for painting small things. Wide paintbrushes are good for painting large, flat spaces. People use small paintbrushes with long handles to make paintings.

Hairbrushes: Hairbrushes are used to make hair neat. Most hairbrushes have stiff bristles made of plastic. Stiff bristles are better for getting tangles out of long hair.

Scrub Brush: Some people use a scrub brush to clean floors. Bits of dirt can get stuck to a floor. Scrub brushes are made with stiff plastic bristles. Stiff bristles can clean away dirt that is stuck to a floor.

Brooms: Did you know that a broom is a kind of brush? A broom is a brush with a very long handle and stiff bristles. The brooms most people use have bristles made from plastic or from plants, such as corn or straw. Brooms with a very wide brush are called push brooms.

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