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Topic – At an Animal Shelter

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At an Animal Shelter

Sometimes, people find a lost dog or cat and take it to an animal shelter. An animal shelter looks after lost animals. People who have lost a pet can go to an animal shelter to see someone has brought in their pet.

When an animal arrives at an animal shelter, a vet checks to see if it is healthy. If the animal is not healthy, the vet knows how to look after it.

Animal Shelter Workers

Vets and other workers have jobs looking after the animals at an animal shelter. Some workers feed and wash the animals. They also clean the places where the animals live.

Volunteers also work at animal shelters. Some volunteers take dogs for walks or take them to an outdoor area at the shelter where they can run to get exercise. Cats do not go outside, but there is a room where volunteers take them to play. This room might have a climbing wall so the cats can get exercise by jumping and climbing. Both cats and dogs need exercise. They also need lots of love and attention from humans. Volunteers help make sure dogs and cats get the exercise and attention they need.

Adopting Animals

People who have lost a dog or cat might find it an animal shelter. If a pet’s owner does not come looking for their pet, the animal shelter will let someone else adopt it. Animal shelter workers and volunteers are thrilled every time an animal is picked up by its owner or is adopted. These people know that the best life for a dog or cat is in a home with people who love it.

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