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Topic – The Fox and the Lion

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The Fox and the Lion

One day, a fox was walking down a road. Suddenly, a hungry lion jumped out from behind some bushes. “You will be my dinner!” roared Lion.

“Why should you eat me up when I am just like you?” asked Fox.

Lion was amazed. “You are not at all like me!” he said. “You are just a little fox. I am a big, strong lion. All the other animals are afraid of me. That is why they call me King of All Beasts.”

“Still, we are the same in many ways,” said Fox. “We are both good at hunting. We both have sharp teeth. And we are both scary beasts.”

“Only a few small animals are afraid of you,” said Lion. “I am a king because all animals are afraid of me.”

“But all humans are afraid of me,” said Fox. “I will prove it. If I am right, you will not eat me up.” Lion agreed. “Let’s walk down this road,” said Fox. “You stay a little behind me. Soon, we are sure to see some people. Watch how I scare them and make them run away.”

Fox walked down the road and Lion followed. Soon, they did see people walking toward them. The people turned around and ran away as fast as they could. They were not afraid of Fox. They were afraid because they saw Lion walking behind Fox.

“See how scared of me they were?” said Fox. “You will not eat me today!”

Lion was very surprised. He believed that Fox had made the people run away. “I will have to look somewhere else for my dinner,” Lion said glumly.

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