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Topic – Two Ways to Read Books

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Two Ways to Read Books

For hundreds of years, books have been printed on paper. The pages are sewn or glued together to make a book. Today, we can also read books on the screen of a computer.

Books people read on a screen are called electronic books, but most people call them e-books for short. People buy e-books on the Internet and download them to a computer.

Many people read e-books on tablet computers because this kind of computer is small and light. You don’t need to sit at a desk or table to use a tablet computer. You can take a tablet computer to the park and read an e-book under a shady tree.

Just like paper books, people can buy fiction and non-fiction e-books. A computer can store hundreds of e-books. It’s like having your own library inside a computer!

Why Some People Like E-books Best

Reading any kind of book for a long time can make your eyes tired. That’s because your eyes work hard to focus on the words to see them clearly. With an e-book, you can make the words bigger. Bigger words are easier for your eyes to read, so your eyes don’t get tired as quickly.

An e-book is cheaper than a paper version of the same book. Why? When you buy a paper book, you are paying for the cost of the paper and ink used to make the book. E-books don’t need paper and ink, so they don’t cost as much as paper books.

Many people who care about the environment love e-books. As more people start reading e-books, fewer trees are cut down to make paper. That’s good for the environment!


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