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Topic – Containers for Food

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Containers for Food

Food in grocery stores comes in different kinds of containers. Some foods come in cans. Other foods come in glass bottles or jars. Food can go bad over time. Cans and glass bottles and jars keep food from going bad. How do they do that? They keep out air so the food stays safe to eat. When there is no air in a container, the food inside will not go bad.


Cans are made from a metal called aluminum. People use can openers to open cans. Some people use a manual (say it like this: man-yu-al) can opener. It has a sharp, round blade that punches through the top of the can. Then, people use their muscles to turn a crank. The crank turns the can so the blade can cut all the way around the top. Sometimes, it is hard to turn the crank, so people really need to use their muscles!

Most people use electric can openers. With this kind of can opener, people do not need to use their muscles to turn a crank. The can opener turns the can so the blade can cut all around the top of the can.

One good thing about cans is that people can recycle them instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Glass Bottles and Jars

Glass bottles and jars have a lid that opens when you turn it. One good thing about these bottles and jars is that you can see inside. If you don’t use all the food inside at one time, you can see how much is left. Another good thing about glass bottles and jars is that the glass can be recycled.

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Brain Stretch: Explore which foods in your home are in a tin, and which are in a glass bottle or jar.