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Day 3 – Ancient Egypt


Today we’re going to…

  • watch a video about ancient Egypt
  • read and answer questions about King Tut’s Tomb
  • watch a video and learn to draw an Egyptian mummy

Step 1: Reading/ Video

Click on the link below and watch the video: Ancient Egypt for Kids.

After watching the video, list 10 new things you learned about ancient Egypt on a piece of paper. Would you want to live in ancient Egypt? Think about it!

Step 2: Reading Comprehension Article and Questions

Once you have finished watching the video, it’s time to read an article about discovering King Tut’s tomb and to answer some questions.

Print the document located at the link below and work through the questions with your child.


Have your child read the article to you, or take turns reading. To ensure understanding of the article, have them retell what they have read. Next, review the questions and encourage your child to go back to the article to support his or her answers. Don’t forget to write complete sentences for answers! No cutting corners!

Step 3: Art Activity – Draw a Mummy

Next, ready for some drawing fun? Find some paper and something to draw with. Learn to draw an Egyptian Mummy by following the steps in this video located at the link below.

Consider hanging the completed page on the fridge or another special spot afterwards as a way to recognize your child for their fantastic effort and imagination!